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Innovations: Orissa




Inspired by their travels and the aesthetic exchange between the East and the West that developed in the 18th century, the Innovations Design Studio shares a nostalgia for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship through the 10 new wallcoverings and four new draperies.

First-hand experiences like watching lines of silk dry along a riverbank in India, or walking into a tailor’s shop in London, seemingly worlds apart, led to new patterns like Orissa. Named for the “Soul of India,” a region full of ancient temples and exquisite arts, Orissa reframes traditional craft for a new aesthetic. The 36-inch wallcovering lines up tone-on-tone strips of pleated paper, each drenched in glossy and metallic color, in a modern patchwork. Orissa is available in seven colors from coppery Cuttack to a sample of golds.


Strips of pleated paper, drenched in glossy and metallic color, line up in the modern patchwork of Orissa. Like the “Soul of India” — full of ancient temples and exquisite arts — the wallcovering reframes traditional craft for a new aesthetic

Find Innovations classics here at Judy’s Custom Workroom.

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Travel is our Passion



“Travel is our passion, and more than any other place, India is a visceral assault on your senses — the colors, the textures, the tastes, the smells — there’s inspiration everywhere. With this collection, we wanted to explore that, but also to incorporate our Western aesthetic and new materials,” says Vice President of Sales Michael Freedman.

More than any new pattern, Rangoli recreates this all-encompassing sensory experience with a dramatic folk-art inspired motif. One of four new Type II performance vinyls, Rangoli’s joined by the more subtle Batik and silk-inspired Arpora and Varanasi Silk.


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Channeling All Things Icelandic


Innovations channels all things Icelandic for the launch of a new radiant wallcovering.

Much like the Northern Lights, Icelandic Wood integrates natural beauty with a luminous color palette. Comprised of a wood-grain pattern with bright metallic undertones that shimmer and shine enough to brighten any space, this elegant Type II wallcovering draws inspiration from both natural and cultural Icelandic influences.

With colors named after song titles from Bjork’s former band, The Sugarcubes, this glimmering palette is sure to strike a chord in any interior – from a woodland cabin to a contemporary nightspot – or even in a high-rise office.

ICELANDIC WOOD Composition: Vinyl | Backing: Cotton Fiber | Width: 36”-54” | Class A

Find Innovations Icelandic wood here at Judy’s Custom Workroom.

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Innovations Brings Back the Old Classics!

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we’re reaching far back into our archive to bring back timeless wallcoverings from our early years! Finding inspiration from the interiors of train cars in Japan, our design team created a group of Type III vinyl wallcoverings durable enough to withstand just about anything—even the test of time. These wallcoverings represent our history and remain current to this very day.

Mesa pops to life with raised boxes that are just as fun to look at as they are to touch.

Speckled with tiny, raised dots the same color as its glittering ground, Lonhide keeps with the raised features theme, but in a subtle and delicate way.

Lonrib is comprised of sleek, fine, vertical lines, every other one dipping into the crease, creating beautiful, pronounced ridges.


Like Lonrib, Lonstripe also contains vertical lines that cascade all the way down the wall in effervescent metallic colors. This stripe is wider and more pronounced for a distinct linear look.

The whole collection is available in an assortment of classic metallic colors including copper (the Innovations color of the year), silver, platinum, bronze, and gold, making these wallcoverings as relevant today as they were when they were first introduced back in 1983.

CLASSICS Composition: Vinyl | Backing: Cotton -001 Star Club | Fiber | Width: 36” | Class A

Find Innovations classics here at Judy’s Custom Workroom.

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Innovation’s Specialty Wallcoverings

Innovations is one of our wallcovering resources with really interesting products. Below are some classified under their “Specialty” wallcoverings. If you are seeking something special to make a room come alive, these are for you. Unique and innovative.

4 colorways
capiz shell/fiberglass with
a vinyl backing HUDSON, ORIGAMI,


44 colorways
high density wood pulp/acrylic
and paulownia veneer
recycled paper backing

28 colorways
cork with paper backing



7 colorways
pressed leaves on paper
paper backing


37 colorways
2 variations of glass beads w/
non woven backing


6 colorways
transparent mica w/ cellulose


over 100 colorways
click here to see all the
WOVENS collections

8 colorways
part of the METALESSENCE collectionn
click here to see all



To check out all of Innovation’s wallcovering, along with the leather,  faux leather, and textiles they have to offer, go to

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