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Innovations: Orissa




Inspired by their travels and the aesthetic exchange between the East and the West that developed in the 18th century, the Innovations Design Studio shares a nostalgia for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship through the 10 new wallcoverings and four new draperies.

First-hand experiences like watching lines of silk dry along a riverbank in India, or walking into a tailor’s shop in London, seemingly worlds apart, led to new patterns like Orissa. Named for the “Soul of India,” a region full of ancient temples and exquisite arts, Orissa reframes traditional craft for a new aesthetic. The 36-inch wallcovering lines up tone-on-tone strips of pleated paper, each drenched in glossy and metallic color, in a modern patchwork. Orissa is available in seven colors from coppery Cuttack to a sample of golds.


Strips of pleated paper, drenched in glossy and metallic color, line up in the modern patchwork of Orissa. Like the “Soul of India” — full of ancient temples and exquisite arts — the wallcovering reframes traditional craft for a new aesthetic

Find Innovations classics here at Judy’s Custom Workroom.

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HC Monogram’s James Hare Collection

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A Visual Sensation

Just arriving on U.S. shores are five new collections from U.K.-based silk-specialists James Hare.


From the full-bodied solid Dupionis and satins of the Regal, Orissa and Savoy collections to the more ornate embroideries of the Oriel and SoHo collections, James Hare has cornered the market on sumptuous silks.


James Hare, and all of the lines under the HC Monogram canopy are available.


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