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Postcards From Paradise

Warm gentle breezes and lazy vacations parked under a palm define this side of paradise for most of us. Take a trip of the imagination to sunny worlds far away, and dream. Those dreams can become reality and when you get there, remember to bring a little piece of heaven home to hold onto.

-       Patterns: Athens (MS6491) from Modern Shapes by Carey Lind Designs, Watercolor Jacobean (AT7020) from Tropics by Ashford House, Garden Pergola (GE3684) from Geometrics by Ashford House.

 Santorini Greece;  home of the ancient Minoan civilization, which gave rise to the mythological lost city of Atlantis. This volcanic island on the glittering teal blue Aegean is possibly one of the most beautifully romantic places in the world. Hot baked whites and desert clay, vivid color with the intensity of the sun; this is the desert by the sea.

-       Patterns: Bamboo Trellis (AT7079) Tropics by Ashford House, Homeycomb (GE3641) Geometrics by Ashford House, Chunky Floral (EB2060) Vibe by Carey Lind Designs.

 Cancun Mexico; The Throne of Snakes, was once a sleepy fisherman’s island surrounded by undiscovered shores, sitting just north of the Riviera Maya has now been transformed into one of the most visited resort areas of Mexico. Embraced by the second largest coral reef in the world and kissed by cooling trade winds boasts a pastel palette of soft sand, flamingo pinks and cooling crème de menthe all offset by brilliant Caribbean blue. It truly is an invitation few could refuse.

Stop into the JCW and let us help you find that little piece of heaven inspired by the patterns from paradise, and live the dream all the year through with York.

| Original content and images via York |


Channeling All Things Icelandic


Innovations channels all things Icelandic for the launch of a new radiant wallcovering.

Much like the Northern Lights, Icelandic Wood integrates natural beauty with a luminous color palette. Comprised of a wood-grain pattern with bright metallic undertones that shimmer and shine enough to brighten any space, this elegant Type II wallcovering draws inspiration from both natural and cultural Icelandic influences.

With colors named after song titles from Bjork’s former band, The Sugarcubes, this glimmering palette is sure to strike a chord in any interior – from a woodland cabin to a contemporary nightspot – or even in a high-rise office.

ICELANDIC WOOD Composition: Vinyl | Backing: Cotton Fiber | Width: 36”-54” | Class A

Find Innovations Icelandic wood here at Judy’s Custom Workroom.

| Original content and images via Innovations |

Innovations Brings Back the Old Classics!

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we’re reaching far back into our archive to bring back timeless wallcoverings from our early years! Finding inspiration from the interiors of train cars in Japan, our design team created a group of Type III vinyl wallcoverings durable enough to withstand just about anything—even the test of time. These wallcoverings represent our history and remain current to this very day.

Mesa pops to life with raised boxes that are just as fun to look at as they are to touch.

Speckled with tiny, raised dots the same color as its glittering ground, Lonhide keeps with the raised features theme, but in a subtle and delicate way.

Lonrib is comprised of sleek, fine, vertical lines, every other one dipping into the crease, creating beautiful, pronounced ridges.


Like Lonrib, Lonstripe also contains vertical lines that cascade all the way down the wall in effervescent metallic colors. This stripe is wider and more pronounced for a distinct linear look.

The whole collection is available in an assortment of classic metallic colors including copper (the Innovations color of the year), silver, platinum, bronze, and gold, making these wallcoverings as relevant today as they were when they were first introduced back in 1983.

CLASSICS Composition: Vinyl | Backing: Cotton -001 Star Club | Fiber | Width: 36” | Class A

Find Innovations classics here at Judy’s Custom Workroom.

| Original content and images via Innovations |

Fabricut: Isabelle de Borchgrave Wallcovering

A prominent Belgian artist and sculptor known for her colorful paintings and intricately painted paper costumes, Isabelle de Borchgrave collaborated with Fabricut last year to debut a collection of prints, wovens, embroideries and trimmings. Interpreting patterns and textiles from Italy, Japan, Uzbekistan and Egypt, Isabelle’s collection displays her sense of color and design in an inspiring and eclectic way.

This season Isabelle adds wallcovering to the mix, offering more exciting design possibilities. Isabelle’s expressive worldview, bold sense of color and intuitive painterly hand is seen in every fabric, trimming and wallcovering.

|Original content and images via Fabricut |

The NEW Wild Garden Wallcovering Collection from Clarke & Clarke’s


| Original images and content via Clarke & Clarke |

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